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Find Your Way Through A Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an amazing period in a woman’s life and you want to step carefully through this special phase. Even if you are planning your way towards it, be prepared with all possible information from doctors, friend and relatives not to mention the vast world of online information. The basic information always surrounds around you and how healthy you are. Taking care of the body is important for ensuring that the baby gets a firm platform to grow. Say bye-bye to your wild side and be more careful. Forget smoking and drinking and get 
ready for a healthy routine, food and lifestyle.

Prenatal vitamins: Even if you are eating right taking vitamins is essential. If you are going for a planned pregnancy then start taking the prenatal vitamins as you try to conceive. Remember that the first month is crucial for the development of the infant’s spinal cord and brain. You may feel a bit queasy after taking them. Try a candy or a gum or even a light snack to keep away the feeling. Consult a doctor before you start buying the vitamins. Usually calcium, iron and folic acid are necessary but you doctor may advise something more depending on your health condition.

Birth plan: If you prefer a plan for everything then prepare a list before your delivery also which your family members can follow in case of an emergency. The list should include:

  •        people you want to be present during the delivery
  •             positions preferred for delivery and labour
  •         what procedures you do not want to follow
  •        pain medications
  •        clothes to bring
  •         in case of complications what should be done

This list should be present with the people who will be there during the delivery.

Understand the process

If it is the first time you have conceived try to read every possible information regarding the birth process. It will help you to be confident and mentally prepared for the baby’s arrival. You can also come across pregnancy experts online to ask about anything that you want to know. The experts are equipped to answer almost all common questions. But in case you want to know anything specific you can always consult your doctors.
Keep a check on the weight

During pregnancy you tend to put on weight but putting on two much can be a problem later on. Too much weight as well as too little should be avoided. If you put on less weight then the baby might face developmental problems. The weight to be put on should be according to the body mass index. Consult a doctor or check with online advice for pregnancy about the amount of weight you should put on.
Special care, proper diet, lots of rest and exercise should constitute the three trimesters when you are busy with your baby. Pamper yourself but change the way you spa. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is very important so that both you and the baby are comfortable. 


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